• Join the fightback against unemployment and austerity

    ISR is an international youth organisation run for and by young people, to organise and fight against poverty, unemployment, racism and war. ISR has brought together young people in countries around the world to tackle the issues effecting young people.

    ISR played a leading role in the anti-war movement co-ordinating strikes of young people and school students across europe against the Iraq war.

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Universities and secondary schools throughout Chile have been occupied during a mass strike and protest movement against the private education system. On June 16th teachers and university lectures joined the students in a one day strike. Over 100,000 participated in the largest demonstration to take place in Santiago for more than 20 years. The students … Continue reading

International Youth Camp: Uniting the European struggles against cutbacks, racism and capitalism!

18th annual Youth Against Racism in Europe (YRE) Greek camp International Socialist Resistance (ISR) reporters An international youth camp on the Greek island of Kefallonia, held from 29 July to 7 August, will bring together activists from Tunisia, Spain and Italy and other countries and from all over Greece to discuss how to organise a … Continue reading

Spain: The movement is not dead!

MPs forced to enter Catalan parliament in helicopters Socialismo Revolucionario (CWI in Spain) reporters, Barcelona The fantastic movement of the ‘indignidados’ on 15 May shook Spain to its core. All over the country, public plazas were occupied and mass demonstrations were held. On 15 June, the indignados attempted to organise a blockade of the Catalan … Continue reading

Britain: Young, gifted and striking back

The significance of the student movement Ben Robinson, Socialist Party (CWI England and Wales) At the end of last year, students took to the streets in a month of mass protest against Con-Dem attacks on education. They were the first major group to move against the government’s cuts programme. But does this mean that they … Continue reading

Spain: 15-M movement opens gates to new stage of struggle

What organisation, strategy and politics does the situation demand? Danny Byrne, CWI The impact of the revolutionary conflagration which is sweeping North Africa and the Middle East in Europe has been immense. But the youth revolt currently taking place across Spain, with demos and “campouts” across Europe and beyond, is one of the most direct … Continue reading

Support the youth movements across Europe! – Sign the Statement

For real democracy – break the dictatorship of the bankers and bosses!   Young people demand revolutionary change International Socialist Resistance (ISR) This is not democracy! Established politicians decide in the interest of the bankers and bosses over the future of billions around the globe. Putting the burden of their crisis on the shoulders of … Continue reading